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Just Sit and Do Nothing … Do … Nothing …

Go on, it’s OK …

Just sit there a while longer.

Do nothing.

It’ll be fine, just sit and do nothing.

Besides, what else are you doing right here? What else are you doing right now? Reading a blog? So, you might as well do something positive. Do something productive.

Do something that does you good.

So, Do Nothing.

Just try it.

Here, like this…

Sit balanced – upright and supported – in your chair.

Gaze softly – at a point in space – just beyond the tip of your nose.

Breathe slowly – comfortably and regularly.

Feel your breath, flowing in … flowing out …. flowing in … flowing out …

Hear your breath … the whisper and sigh … in your nose and throat.

Thoughts will arise … thoughts will dissolve …

This is natural – let them.

Don’t think … don’t not think …

Gently refocus your mind if it wanders too far.

Feel the flow of your breath …

Hear the whisper and sigh …

Just sit …

Slowly settle …

Settle into the stillness.

In the stillness are those subtle sensations of your inner self.

Watch them…listen to them…feel them.

Come back when you are ready.

Just sit, quietly, a little longer.

Rejoin your day.

Feel better?

I hope so.

Doing Nothing is good for you.

The ‘Doing’ is focused awareness …

The ‘Nothing’ is your breath …

So, doing Nothing is doing Something.

And that is meditation … you were meditating!

Who knew, eh?

Go well.

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